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About the trainer:
LJ Easley

Certified Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Founder

Lester J. Easley


L J Easley's World Training Center, LLC

Creator of Buda Khi

Goodwill Games Martial Arts Gold Medalist

3-Time World Cup Martial Arts Silver Medalist

World Karate Champion/ 4th Degree Blackbelt

Adjunct Professor Butler University




Buda Khi

Get to know us

Buda Khi was created World Karate Champion Lester J. Easley (aka L J) in April 1992 as a martial arts cardio, strength toning, flexibility total mind, body, spirit fitness program. It has over 15 different program workouts. You can use weights, resistance bands, balance balls etc. for the different workouts done to music. Over 650 moves in our cardio workouts you can only do 30 to 40 moves per workout.  Buda Khi in general has a positive word & phrase that changes every month of the year.

Buda Khi 



Studio 317 Fitness & Cycling

Greenwood, IN.

Uplifting Fitness

Franklin, IN

All About Buda Khi
Buda Khi Live Sculpt & Tone
Buda Khi Sculpt & Tone
Buda Khi
Buda Khi Sculpt & Tone
Buda Khi/Creator/Founder
Private Training
Buda Khi Excel workout
Self Defense
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