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Buda Khi is a martial arts based cardio, strength toning, flexibility total mind, body, spirit fitness program. B- Believe in Yourself. U-Understanding is Everything. D-Discipline First. A-Attitude always respond to things positive. K-Karate the way of the empty hand. H-Happy and Humble have fun everyday. I- Improve Your Life Daily. This is what each letter represents in the word Buda Khi. With over 650 moves in our cardio workouts, you'll never get bored! There are 10 different other types of Buda Khi programs besides the 1st original 5 programs. Oct. 2023 to 2033 Buda Khi became a Federal Registered Trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office in Washington DC.

Join Buda Khi Online and Transform Your Body and Mind

Chalking Hands




Martial arts based cardio workout, 

created by the founder of

LJ Easley's World Training Center.


Fitness Videos

Buda Khi offers martial arts based

online fitness videos for download or DVD's to purchase.


Buda Khi is unique because we try to remember every persons name in each workout. We travel to imaginary locations all over the world. Each month of the year we have a different positive word and phrase that we mention in each workout. We do all this with music and with over 650 moves its really hard to duplicate any workout. We want you to Discover the Journey. Also available for Motivational speaking and Life Coaching.


Results Driven

Burn calories, tone up, become more flexible and improve your balance.

Our workout was designed to be equivalent to running a 6 minutes mile without the pounding from actually running.

Our videos will warm you up and cool you down so you have a tremendous amount of longevity with your Buda Khi workouts. We also offer American Shotokan Karate training along with Self Defense training.



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